13 Best Fans of 2020 to Cool Down Your Home
Jul 2020


Vornado Australia

13 Best Fans of 2020 to Cool Down Your Home

Top-tested electric fans for your apartment, bedroom, and more.

Most of us love summer, but trying to stay cool in the unbearable heat can be challenging. No one likes sticky sweat, and it’s hard to be productive (and difficult to sleep!) when the room is too warm or stuffy. Air conditioners are not for everyone – they can be noisy, and expensive to run — which makes portable electric fans an ideal solution to feeling more cool and comfortable. They are cost-effective, easy to set up, and can be moved from room to room if necessary. They come in a variety of different styles to suit the room and your needs.

The Good Housekeeping Institute regularly tests cooling home appliances from portable air conditioners to smart ACs and electric fans. The fans here represent a cross-section of the market, and we’ve picked a range depending on their design and function. We look at things like the range of the fan (how far the air flow can reach) and its noise level while running. We also take note of how many speed settings each fan has, and whether the direction of air flow can be adjusted – if the stand can be raised or lowered, and if the head can pivot or tilt. We also look at how easy it is to adjust the settings or angle of the fan, and if it can be easily moved from room to room read more...

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