4 Ways To Reduce Hay Fever
Jun 2019


Vornado Australia

4 Ways To Reduce Hay Fever

4 ways to reduce hay fever and asthma this Spring:

1. Use nasal spray and eye drops.
Since pollen and other allergens effect your nose and eyes first, causing them to itch and run, having nasal spray and eye drops close by will assist in prolonging the fatigue and tiredness hay fever can cause.

2. On windy days, keep windows and doors closed.
Pollen and other allergens are primarily carried via wind currents. It is therefore best to keep stop the breese from bringing these asthma and allergy causing pollutants and trapping them in your home.

3. Install an Air Purification system in your home.
With your windows and doors closed, the air in your home may become stagnant without the use of an Air Purifier. A high quality Air Purifier, equipped with a True HEPA filtration system can block up to 99.97% of airborne allergens and pollutants and stop them from entering your body.

4. Shower or bathe before going to bed at night.
Whilst this may seem obvious, by simply washing your body and hair, you are removing any pollen's or contaminants that you may have picked up during the day.

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