Bringing Up A Child In Toxic Air
Jun 2019


Vornado Australia

Bringing Up A Child In Toxic Air

London, Los Angeles and Mexico city reduced once crippling levels of air pollution. Can Delhi do it too - and protect families?

This time last year my husband and I attended a protest in central Delhi against the unprecedented levels of air pollution in the city. I was nine months pregnant and listened as the doctors on stage talked about the health effects on unborn babies. The next day I gave birth to my son – thankfully, completely healthy. As we celebrate his first birthday this week we are once again experiencing toxic air that is literally off the scale.

I wake up in the morning to a cloud of smog inside our apartment. I follow my son around with an expensive air purifier as he crawls from one room to the next.  I do not let him leave the apartment, and when I am outside I wear a mask, even in the car. Despite this, my lungs ache, my eyes sting, and I have the lingering cough that is now universal in Delhi. Read more...


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