Jan 2022


Why An Air Circulator Is A Must-Have This Summer

Why An Air Circulator Is A Must-Have This Summer Beat the heat this summer   Introduction   There’s so many things to love about an Aussie summer - the warm sunny days, the beac...

Oct 2021


Year Round Comfort With Vornado

Year Round Comfort With Vornado Indoor comfort, every day of the year.     Comfort, style and health are important. We are increasingly spending most of our time indoors, so it’...

Jun 2020


How Heat Circulation Works, and How You Can Help

Now that the colder weather is upon us, it’s time to think heat. Sure, you could rug up with five layers of clothing until you look like the Michelin Man just to stay warm… but ...

May 2020


Cold? Stay Warm with a Whole Room Metal Heater.

The chilly season is well and truly upon us, and people are breaking out their winter wardrobe and getting out their heaters across Australia. But some heaters heat better than ...

May 2020


Tips for Choosing a Heater

Choosing a heater is a big decision! With so much jargon and specifications around, it’s not easy to decide on the heater that’s right for your home and your space. So here at V...

Mar 2020


Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Heater - First impressions

How good was that? Summer, I mean. The long, hot Sydney summer that seems to have been here for ever. Those perfect days for enjoying the beach and the outdoors. It feels like i...