The 8 Best Desk Fans of 2020
Jun 2020


Vornado Australia

The 8 Best Desk Fans of 2020

The right desk fan can transform a stuffy office into a climate personalised to your needs. When it comes to options, there's a wide variety: from fans that cost more than an in-window AC unit to grab-and-go battery-powered options. Some come with remotes, others are designed to plug into your computer’s USB port.

When choosing the right fan for your office, first take into account your desk space. That cool retro fan might match your reclaimed wood furniture, but if its footprint will take up most of your workspace, opt for a slimmer model. If you think you’ll be moving the fan around on the desk, then lighter models with integrated handles and retractable cords make transport easier. Variable speed options also provide a bit of versatility, automatic oscillation can help cool an entire room, and the low-noise options can keep you from feeling like you’re sitting next to a noise machine. Read on to see our favourite desk fans to pick up for your office. Read more...

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