Steel Heaters.

The foundation of our family of steel heaters, the VMH300 and VMH350 deliver the epitome of comfort and efficiency while complementing your style. 

Use Less. Feel Good.

Plug in a Vornado Energy Smart™ circulator and you’ll automatically use up to 80% less energy than you would with a comparable AC motor product. That’s something to smile about.

More Powerful Airflow.

With lesser products, higher efficiency sometimes means lower performance — not so with Energy Smart™. A more powerful, brushless DC motor delivers even more power while being more efficient.

Precisely Control Your Airflow.

More Powerful Airflow.


Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed.  

Vornado Australia maintains its reputation for forward-thinking products and above-and-beyond customer service. 

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The Vortex Action Technology

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What’s the difference between a fan and an air circulator?

While ordinary or commodity “fans” move air, they simply lack the aerodynamics to circulate air. Specifically, fans have a wide dispersion pattern with no room penetration. Because of this, you must have the fan blowing on you in order to derive comfort.Vornado Air Circulators are highly efficient air moving devices that make ordinary fans obsolete. The system includes a unique combination of aerodynamic elements (Inlet air accelerator or flow straightener, deep-pitch propeller, blade duct and AirTensity™ grill). The combination of elements results in a room penetrating vortex or “beam” of air. We call this Vornado Vortex Action. Vortex Action excites all the air in the room into complete and continuous motion. This excitation enlivens room air and delivers comfort to all room occupants anywhere in the room.What’s more, the ability of a Vornado Air Circulator to move air over long distances affords you a variety of uses including air exchange between rooms, up the stairs or down the hall. No ordinary fan delivers comfort like a Vornado Air Circulator.

You speak of year-round use. Why and how do I use a Vornado Air Circulator in winter?

Why? To better utilize available heat in the room. As you know, hot air rises and cool air falls. Without air circulation, heat is simply trapped at the ceiling and, therefore, wasted. How? Select a low-speed setting and point the adjustable fan head toward the ceiling. This forces the hot air off the ceiling and mixes it with the cooler air near the floor resulting in an even distribution of heat throughout the entire room. This can save you money.

So, how do I best utilise my Vornado Air Circulator in summer?

In summer, we recommend running the unit on “High” and aiming the beam of air so that it hits a wall across the room roughly halfway up. This will allow for the establishment of a high speed circulation pattern in the room.Here’s a helpful hint: Always make certain the vortex travels across the room unobstructed. This is required for proper circulation.

I have air conditioning. How does moving air with a Vornado Air Circulator make you feel cooler and save money?

It has been shown that circulating air raises your threshold of discomfort. That means if you’re comfortable at a 22-degree thermostat setting with NO air moving, you can enjoy the same level of comfort at a higher thermostat setting, say 25-degrees. That 3-degree increase of the thermostat can translate into as much as a 10% savings on your electric bill. (Energy savings vary by part of the country. Savings estimates are provided by the Department of Energy.)

Is there any advantage to having more than one Vornado Air Circulator operating in a single room?

It depends on the size and shape of the room as well as how you direct the airflow. In larger rooms, a second Vornado Air Circulator can provide additional comfort as long as the Vornados are not pointed directly at each other effectively canceling one other.