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Air Circulators

What’s the difference between a fan and an air circulator?

So, how do I best utilise my Vornado Air Circulator in summer?

I have air conditioning. How does moving air with a Vornado Air Circulator make you feel cooler and save money?

You speak of year-round use. Why and how do I use a Vornado Air Circulator in winter?

Is there any advantage to having more than one Vornado Air Circulator operating in a single room?

I have ceiling fans. Can I use a Vornado Air Circulator too?

Can I use my Vornado Air Circulator outside?

Do I need to oil the motor in my Vornado Air Circulator?

How do I remove the grill for my 533 and 633 Air Circulator?

Why doesn’t the pedestal circulator oscillate when all other pedestal fans do?

How Do I Clean A Vornado Air Circulator?

Why does my new Vornado 660 have 4 screws when my old 660 has 3 screws?

Air Purifiers

Why clean the air?

How do these pollutants become airborne?

Why clean the air with a Vornado Air Purifier?

What is True HEPA and why is it better than a regular HEPA filter?

What does “99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns” mean?

What is a True HEPA filter made of??

How noisy are Vornado Air Purifiers?

How often should I run my Vornado Air Purifier?


How large of an area will my Vornado Heater keep warm?

I work in a cold office, is it safe to put my Vornado Heater under my desk?

We have young children and pets in our home. Is it safe to have my Vornado Heater running with them in the room?

What is the difference between the VMH300 and the VMH350?

What’s the difference between the VMH350 and VMH500 (US Model)?

I am having issues turning on my Vornado Whole Room Metal Heater. What should I do?

General Questions

Can I use more than one discount at checkout?

Can I use PayPal at checkout?

How do I download the warranty form?

Why do some of your products have a button battery warning?