How To Clean Your Vornado Air Circulator
Jun 2021


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How To Clean Your Vornado Air Circulator

How To Clean Your Vornado Air Circulator


3 Simple Steps To A Clean Unit.

When it comes to household appliances, it can often be difficult figuring out how to effectively clean them - especially when it involves taking them apart.

Here at Vornado, we’ve put together a guide (and an instructional video) on how to safely - and effortlessly - clean your Vornado Air Circulator unit.


What You’ll Need

Cleaning your Vornado Air Circulator is incredibly easy, and you only need a few household items to get it done:
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Soft cloth
  • Optional: Vacuum cleaner



Step 1

The first step to cleaning your Air Circulator is to remove the front grill.

At the top of the unit (rear side), you’ll find two screws. Using the phillips head screwdriver, carefully unscrew these and place these screws somewhere safe so as not to lose them.

Once these are removed, tilt the Air Circulator back all the way (the front grill will now be facing upwards towards the ceiling) to find a third screw at the base of the unit, slightly to the left of the tilt mechanism. Remove this third screw and place with the others for safekeeping.

Once all three screws have been removed, you can now easily lift the front grill from the unit. Place this to the side for the time being.



Step 2

Now that the front grill has been removed, you will easily be able to access the blades inside the Air Circulator.

Using the soft cloth, carefully wipe down each blade to remove any dust that may have built up after a period of inactivity, as well as the inner parts of the unit. A dry cloth is all you need, but it can be dampened before use if preferred.

Next, use the same cloth to wipe down the inside and outside of the front grill, allowing you to remove any dust and unwanted fingerprints.



You can even use your household vacuum cleaner to remove any hard to reach dust, especially for the internal parts of the unit behind the blades. A vacuum cleaner hose or narrow attachment will allow you to easily reach and clean these areas, and can also be used on the blades and front grill for ease of use.


Step 3

Now that the unit has been cleaned, it’s time to reattach the front grill.

To do this, line up the brackets and holes for each screw on both the inside of the unit, and the inside of the front grill. Lower the grill into place until the clips attach. The “V” of the Vornado logo should be “pointing” towards the bottom of the unit, or the hinge mechanism.

Replace the screw at the bottom of the unit, then tilt the unit back to its upright position. Replace the final 2 screws at the top rear, and then use the cloth to give the unit one final wipe down to remove any final fingerprint.



That’s it! Your Vornado Air Circulator now looks good as new, and you can continue to use your unit throughout your home without the worry of unwanted dust.

Enjoy year round comfort with Vornado.

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