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Heat the room you're in, not the whole house with Vornado Whole Room Space Fan Heaters.

Vornado fan heaters use whole-room heat circulation technology to ensure you feel cosy and comfortable no matter where you are in the room. All Vornado Heaters feature a 5-year replacement warranty.

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Fan Heaters FAQ

Are fan heaters expensive to run?

Fan heaters, such as the Vornado VMH Series, are quite cost-effective to run. With running costs as low as $0.22 per hour on low and $0.42 per hour on high, they offer an affordable solution for quickly heating a room up to 20 sqm. This makes them a budget-friendly option for immediate and efficient heating needs.

Do fan heaters use a lot of electricity?

Fan heaters like the Vornado VMH Series are designed to be energy-efficient, operating at 750W on low and 1500W on high. They provide ample warmth for their size and are ideal for heating smaller spaces without the high energy consumption associated with larger heating systems. Plus, heating the room you are in rather than the whole house ensures less energy waste in rooms that aren’t occupied.

Are fan heaters safe?

Safety is a top priority with fan heaters such as the Vornado VMH Series. They come equipped with advanced safety features like tip-over protection, cool-to-touch exteriors, and a secure grill to prevent accidental contact with heating elements. These features ensure peace of mind while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Can you leave a fan heater on overnight?

Yes, you can leave models like the VMH350 on overnight, thanks to their built-in thermostats and remote controls. These features allow you to maintain a cozy temperature without worrying about overheating, making them perfect for ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.

Do fan heaters dry the air?

While it is common for any heating method to reduce humidity slightly, the Vornado VMH Series Heaters are designed to maintain a pleasant indoor climate. They heat rooms efficiently without the need for open windows, unlike gas heaters, ensuring you stay warm without significant changes to air quality.

Do fan heaters turn off automatically?

Absolutely! Fan heaters like the Vornado VMH Series feature automatic shut-off when the desired temperature is reached. This energy-saving feature ensures that you get consistent warmth without unnecessary power usage, making them both convenient and economical.