A Spotlight on the Family of Vornado Whole Room Heaters: Is the VMH350 the right choice for you?

A Spotlight on the Family of Vornado Whole Room Heaters: Is the VMH350 the right choice for you?

A Spotlight on the Family of Vornado Whole Room Heaters: Is the VMH350 the right choice for you?


No more shivering under blankets as you try to work comfortably in your home office or watch Netflix on a cold Winter day. Heating any room in your home or at work will be quick with Vornado VMH Whole Room Metal Heater range. Designed with rigorous testing, the Vornado VMH Series of  Heaters use a unique air circulation system to gently heat and circulate the air in a small or mid-sized room up to 20sqm.

Unlike most convection heaters or infrared space heaters, the Vornado Whole Metal Heater uses a special vortex action that delivers a continuous stream of heat over a greater area. So, rather than generating localised heat that rises quickly and then cools as it descends, the Vornado VMH Series Heater generates and circulates a current of twisting hot air through the entire room.

Built with two heat settings, the Vornado vortex motor runs quietly in the background, allowing you to work undisturbed or enjoy your favourite Netflix series in peace. In addition to the two temperature settings, there’s a thermostat that enables you to set your desired temperature for optimum comfort.

Vornado is also serious about your safety and the VMH series includes a tip-over protection feature as well as an auto shut-off to guard against overheating. Certified and safety-tested, the Vornado VMH Whole Room Heater is one to check out this Winter.


Heat Your Space With The VMH350 This Winter

Introducing Vornado VMH350 Whole Room Heater

Introducing the latest in the Vornado VMH series of whole room heaters, the Vornado VMH350. The VMH350 preserves the same futuristic cubic design as the VMH300 and it includes some additional, very useful features.

The VMH350 has a 12 hr timer, two digital LED displays, and remote control! Set the desired temperature and time the heater to activate while you’re away, sleeping, or otherwise engaged and use the remote to turn it off while you are warm and tucked up in bed. In any case, the built-in safety features and the auto-climate control sensors make the VMH350 safe to operate even without supervision.

The fan only option makes the Vornado VMH350 useful all year, but it’s the stainless steel, cool-touch exterior casing that we really love. The 2 heat settings are powerful with a maximum 1500 watt output and a lower 750 watt.

Placed on the floor, the VMH350 is safe to operate around small children, thanks to narrow intake slats in its metal inlet grill. Be confident that you are making the right decision to heat your space this Winter and remember Vornado’s signature 5 year replacement warranty for extra peace of mind.

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