Advantages Of An Electric Heater

Advantages Of An Electric Heater

Advantages Of An Electric Heater

Just Plug In And Settle In


Now that winter is here, it’s time to get cozy at home.

It’s the time of year when we start spending more time at home indoors rather than going out - especially true during winter lockdowns. So with more time spent inside, that means a bigger need to keep the house warm throughout the whole day.

Most homes these days have some sort of pre-installed heating option but these come with big costs too. Heating systems like reverse cycle air conditioning can be a good option, but can also be expensive to run all day, all winter long - especially for older homes.

Luckily, electric heaters like Vornado’s are the solution to this problem.


Affordable & Efficient

The biggest issue that most people run into when looking for a heater is finding one that’s both affordable AND efficient.

Many of the cheaper options end up barely heating the area around it (let alone the whole room), and are usually pretty poor quality as a result. On the flip side, most people revert to built-in heating options as a heating solution for their home - but these can incur some pretty hefty installation costs (and that’s before taking into consideration the long-term costs of operation and maintenance).

Vornado’s electric heaters are the best of both worlds.

Using whole room vortex heat circulation, these heaters are designed specifically to warm up the whole room by generating warm air, then circulating this air back through the unit to create a continuous cycle of warmth.

That means it’s 100% efficient and wastes zero energy - saving you money on your electricity bill.

And being completely portable, it means you don’t have to worry about any installation or maintenance costs. Just plug in, close the door and settle in.

Environmentally Friendly

Modern consumers are understandably becoming more and more aware of the effects that products have on the environment, and their purchasing habits are changing to reflect this.

Different heating solutions come with their own risks, but electric offers a much more environmentally friendly approach to heating.

Gas heating runs the risk of dangerous gas leaks as a result of mechanical failure or improper installation, and while wood fires are very effective, you’re relying on natural resources as fuel, which isn’t great.

With electric, there’s no need for a combustion process, so no carbon monoxide or dioxide is produced - and no particulates or emissions are created. Additionally, as Vornado’s heaters circulate the air constantly, this significantly reduces moisture and humidity in the air that builds up as a result of most other heating units, which isn’t great for your indoor environment.

All of this means that if you switch to a Vornado electric heater, you can breathe easy knowing your air is clean.


Kid & Pet Safe

Heating solutions (especially portable ones) are often very hot to touch, which is a big risk if you’ve got kids or pets - or if you’ve got a small space where you can easily bump into things. Considering their purpose is to heat up, it’s an understandable risk - but it doesn’t have to be.

Vornado’s heaters have a cool-touch surface, meaning no more accidental burns. It also means you can place it safely around the house - regardless of if you have carpet, floorboards, vinyl or tiles - keeping the whole room warm no matter where it’s put.

The heat expelled from the VMH Series Heaters is a consistent and gentle airflow that safely brings your room to the desired temperature, all in the time that it takes to make your morning coffee or get into comfortable clothes after returning home.


Comfort Control

Vornado’s VMH series of heaters offers a highly efficient, Australian-approved thermostatically controlled heat regulation system, which allows the heater (VMH350) to quickly respond to any sudden room temperatures and react by adjusting the warmth output, providing a consistent room temperature at all times.

That means that at times when the room is really cold - like early mornings or when arriving home from work at night - the heater can reach the required temperature much quicker, as opposed to having one set heat mode that takes ages to warm the same room.



If you’re looking for an effective, affordable, and safe heating solution for you and your family, then it’s time to invest in an electric heater.

Stay warm and stay cosy this winter, with Vornado.

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