Vornado VMH350 Heater on the floor of a child's bedroom. To left of the heater is one Ram Plush Toy and one Kangaroo Plush Toy.

What To Look For in Family Friendly Heaters

When do you need a heater to be more than just a heater? When you have a family with young children, babies and pets that you need to protect while keeping warm.

There are many heaters on the market offering all kinds of bangs and whistles. However, at Vornado, our family of steel heaters, VMH300 and VMH350, are designed specifically to be family friendly whilst still ensuring any room of your house can be effectively and reliably warmed. 


How Do Vornado Heaters Work

Most other heaters get physically hot whilst in use. This is due to the fact that the heat being generated builds up in, on and around the device itself. Which means that the closer you–or a loved one–gets to the hot-to-touch heater, the hotter the air and the higher the risk of injury.

Unfortunately, despite the intense heat generated by these heaters they often fail to heat the entire room. Why? Because the heat lingers around the unit & then the hot air rises to the ceiling, creating cold spots in the room while it fails to move the heat across the rest of the space.


The Vornado Difference

Vornado Heaters work differently.

Thanks to our Vortex Action which pushes out the heated air in a powerful spiral-shaped action, the warm air is effectively yet gently sent around the room, rather than just left to rise like other heating devices. Combine that with the designed action that generates whole room circulation, and ensures hot air bounce off walls and the ceiling to keep the entire room warmer & more comfortable for longer. The power in a Vornado Heater ensures that the air circulation is generated with enough force that no matter where you’re sitting in the room, you’ll enjoy warmth, without cold spots or risk of injury.


What To Look for in Family Friendly Heaters

Whether you’re tossing up between one of our heaters or another one on the market, make sure that the model is truly family friendly in the following keyways.

1.      Temperature Setting Control

Our VMH350 model, for example, can be set to specifically maintain a predetermined temperature in a room. Without the temperature control setting, it’s hard to maintain a comfortably warm environment without it becoming too hot (when on) or too cold (when off).

Being able to set a specific temperature will keep your infant, baby, or child warm at all times of the day or night and help you maintain peace of mind.

Tip: The recommended optimal temperature for an infant’s bedroom is 24 degrees!

2.             Gentle Warmth

Vornado Heaters operate in a way that ensures maximum comfort. By gently warming up just about any room up to 20 square metres in size, you and your family won’t suffer from intense heat but rather enjoy a slower build up and maintained, sustainable ambient temperature level. 

3.             Safety Feature #1: Tight Grill

Our Vornado VMH Series is designed and built with safety at the top of mind. This includes the grill on the heater itself which is very tight. Having a tight grill ensures that wandering fingers and curious pet tails and paws can’t get stuck or caught in the heating element. With no access, you can rest easy knowing there are going to be no accidents.

4.            Safety Feature #2: Cool Coating

Heaters that get hot themselves are no good for children's safety. Make sure any heater being considered offers cool-to-touch metal coatings like the Vornado Series. Even when on and pumping out heat, our heaters ensure no burns or injuries by still being cool to the touch no matter how long it’s been running.

5.             Safety Feature #3: Anti-Tip Over

Accidents happen, so the Vornado team has ensured that even when they do damage and injury doesn’t! The anti-tip over feature automatically turns the Vornado Heater off if the unit is knocked over. This safety feature ensures that nothing will be burnt, damaged or anyone injured if someone or something knocks the heater over. It’s just another way in which our VMH Series helps protect and keep your family safe. 

6.             Air Purifier Complementary 

One of the less considered aspects of using a heater in the winter is the stuffiness that a blowing heater in a relatively small, closed room can cause. Fortunately, our VMH Heaters work perfectly and complementary with our Air Purifiers. That means cleaner, fresher and filtered air for you and your children without having to compromise on comfort or heat! Find out more about using Air Purifiers in winter here.

7.             Easy to Use

No matter how many futuristic settings and features a heater boasts, if you don’t know how to use your heater easily and quickly, what good is it in the end? With intuitive control dials and LED display, Vornado Heaters are easy to use so that you can get your home warm and comfy for the whole family without delay or hassle.

8.            Aesthetic Design

We know what it’s like keeping a home looking and functioning the way you’d like it without the daily activity of children, babies, and family. That’s why choosing an aesthetically pleasing heater unit can go a long way to helping you feel better and happier in your own home. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count!


Check out the Vornado Heaters today! 

Now that you know what to look for in family friendly heaters, make sure to check out our collection of Vornado Heaters. They’re designed for optimal functionality, maximum family safety and regular in-home use.

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