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4 Reasons Why Air Circulators Are Better Than Fans

A smarter way to cool your home this summer.

Now that Summer’s hot days and balmy nights are upon us, you’re probably ready to dig your fan of storage. 

But what if there was a better way to keep the whole room cool, removing the pain of having to constantly follow the head of the fan for a brief respite from the heat?

Air Circulators are rising in popularity because they’re able to offer whole room air circulation in order to keep the room consistently cool, as well as a bunch of other benefits too. Interested? Read on.

1. Always Moving

You might be wondering - what’s the difference between an Air Circulator and a fan anyway?

A fan creates a single stream of air and as it oscillates, the fan pushes the air in its path, meaning you only feel its effects when the stream of air is pointed at you. An Air Circulator works like a jet engine, in reverse. It sucks air in through the back of the unit, directing it into a column of air and projects the air out of the unit through a tight spiral grill. Good Air Circulators are stationary, meaning they do not oscillate. You may question why it doesn’t oscillate – the easy answer is, it doesn’t need to. The air flow moves through the grill and is projected through the space, bounces off the walls & ceiling to distribute cool air throughout the room. Circulating the cooler air in the lower parts of the room upward, and then cycle the air back through the unit to start the process again.

Vornado Air Circulators do this by relying on Vortex Action Technology, providing you with a truly unbroken stream of air throughout the room all Summer.

2. Whole Room Comfort

While a fan might keep you cool, the downside is that you’ll need to be standing or sitting directly in front of it for it to feel its effects.

How many times have you had to awkwardly place your fan in a room where it’s directed at you, having the power cable or extension cord ready to trip someone? You might even try setting a standing fan to rotate in order to maximise the area it (briefly) cools, only to then have to pick up things in the room that have been blown over (like all those recently received Christmas cards on your TV unit).

Air Circulators can keep the whole room cool by creating a continuous, cycled airflow that a fan can’t - and that means you can place your Air Circulator safely out of the way in the corner of the room, or even on a table, bench or stool! That’s a cooling solution that won’t trip you up.

3. Year Round Use

Another useful benefit of Air Circulators is that they can be used all year round - whereas you probably only dig the fan out of storage each Summer.

Imagine it’s the middle of Winter and you’ve got the heater on (or wood fire). Heat rises, which means a lot of that warm air gets trapped up near the ceiling, where it’s not much use to anyone. Air Circulators continuously cycle the air throughout the room, meaning that these pockets of unreachable warm air can get captured and dispersed through the whole room, keeping you nice and toasty. 

In Spring and Autumn your Air Circulator can be used to keep your room at Goldilocks temperature (not too hot, not too cold), and keep the air moving so the room doesn’t ever feel stuffy. Now that’s comfort.

4. Economical

A big factor for why people prefer Air Circulators to fans is that they’re so powerful yet economical. There is a unit purposely build for every room size with the Large 660 Air Circulator moving air up to 30.5m!

The Vornado 660 high-speed motor can spin the deep pitch blades at high velocity while expending a small amount of energy. It uses 43 watts at a lower speed and 53 watts at a high speed.

Vornado Australia launched the Energy Smart range in 2019. The Vornado Energy Smart™ Circulator gives you up to 80 percent energy efficiency (than its AC counterpart) with its powerful DC-motor that moves air up to 26m. Simple variable speed dial gives you precise control of the signature Vortex Action and creates whole-room circulation, keeping the entire room cool and comfortable.

The good news? That also means you save money long-term on your power bills - now that’s cool.


If you’re looking for a better way to keep cool this Summer, check out Vornado’s range of Air Circulators. With multiple sizes, different styles to choose from and stylish black and white options, you’ll find the perfect Air Circulator for your home.

Ditch the fan this summer - it’s the coolest thing you’ll do all year.


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