Air Circulators.

Whole Room Air Circulation. All Year Round.

More Energy Efficient.

Vornado's Energy Smart™ circulators use up to 80% less energy than comparable AC motor products.

Whole Room Air Circulation.

Vortex Action means air is circulated through the entire room, not just the space in front of you.

Precise Airflow Control.

Precise airflow control settings let you zero in on your ideal environment.

Perfect For Every Room

No airflow in your home? 

Vornado's powerful air circulators keep the entire room comfortable, all year round. 

No matter the space available, there's a model that's perfect for you.

Use Less. Feel Good.

Not a fan of large electricity bills?

A Vornado Energy Smart™ circulator uses up to 80% less energy than comparable AC motor products. 

Minimise your energy usage while maximising comfort.  

Year Round Comfort

Think an air circulator is just for cooling? 

Vornado's air circulators can move around cool air in summer, warm air in winter and fresh air in spring & autumn. 

Stay comfortable all year long with Vornado.


Whole Room Air Circulation

Vornado's air circulators use powerful Vortex Action - gently spiralling air off of walls and ceilings to create continuous currents of airflow throughout the entire room.

This means it can recirculate existing airflow to save energy.

Style Meets Comfort

Vornado’s stylish and modern design means that your air circulator isn’t just an appliance in the corner - it’s a work of art. 

With multiple models available, you can choose the one that works perfectly with your home.

5 year replacement warranty

Vornado Australia maintains its reputation for forward-thinking products and above-and-beyond customer service. 

Swift Delivery

Orders will be delivered within 7-10 business days of receiving the order.  Vornado Australia ships goods Australia wide.