A Comprehensive Look at the Vornado VMH300 Fan Heater

A Comprehensive Look at the Vornado VMH300 Fan Heater

A Comprehensive Look at the Vornado VMH300 Fan Heater

When your stiff and frozen toes ache for the soothing warmth of a toasty fire, you need heat now!


The Vornado VMH300 can generate heat in minutes and is an affordable solution to heating your home this Winter.

The VMH300 Whole Room Heater is consistently popular with industry experts and consumers for its speed and heating power. So, if efficiency and high performance in an electric heater matter to you, it is worth it to keep reading.

Affordability wise, the VMH300 heats a room of up to 20sqm for less than $0.40 per hour. Vornado prides itself on heating the room you are in, rather than wasting energy (and money!) to heat the whole house. Over the course of the winter, the savings can really add up.

Let’s look at a real life scenario;

Running the heater for 3 hours a day, 7 days a week during Winter (about 16 weeks), with the heater drawing an average of 1.4kW/h; 1.4kW x 3 Hrs x 7 Days x 16 Weeks = 470kW/Season

The average cost of electricity in Australia is $0.28 per hour. Therefore, the VMH300 will cost $131.71 to provide warmth to your space this Winter.

In other words, if you need to warm a room in your home or office, a Vornado heater is the way to go!

With a cool-touch, powder-coated metal case, the VMH300 has a sleek and modern style that looks good in any space. Choose from 750W and 1500W heat settings and adjust the temperature to your preferred level with the rotary dial. This Vornado fan heater also features built-in, discreet storage for the 1.8m power cord and a convenient handle for portability.

The Vortex fan design delivers powerful air and heat distribution that fills up a room for consistent and gentle warmth. The metal inlet grill keeps out dust and other objects (including curious fingers) and the Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Heater also shuts off automatically in the event of overheating or tipping over providing that added level of safety around your family.

Protected by a five-year replacement warranty for peace of mind, the VMH300 is available for purchase via Vornado Australia and trusted retailers Australia wide.

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