Cold? Stay Warm with a Whole Room Metal Heater.

Cold? Stay Warm with a Whole Room Metal Heater.

The chilly season is well and truly upon us, and people are breaking out their winter wardrobe and getting out their heaters across Australia. But some heaters heat better than others, and there’s nothing worse than racking up a heating bill while shivering in a half-dozen layers! If you want to enjoy the cooler months in warmth and comfort, it’s time to invest in a whole room metal heater.

Why do I need a whole room metal heater?

If you’ve ever spent a winter without heating, you’ll know that good heating isn’t just a want, it’s a need! Even in temperate Australia, temperatures can dip to zero or even less in winter, and rugging up Michelin Man-style in every item of clothing you own just isn’t a comfortable way to spend time at home.

With that said, why a whole room heater? Simply put, your average heater only heats the area directly around it. That area can get very hot - even uncomfortably so! - while the room itself stays cold. If you want to be able to move around your home (and of course you do) then you need a whole room heater.

Our family of whole room metal heaters are made with cool-touch, powder-coated steel cases, delivering the epitome of comfort and efficiency while complementing your style.

How do Vornado heaters heat the whole room?

Unlike the average heater, which only cools the immediate area and not the whole room, Vornado Whole Room Metal Heaters use powerful vortex heat circulation, with gently warmed air spiralling around the room and using the walls and ceilings as pathways to create continuous currents of warmth all over in the room. Want to know more? Here’s a handy explainer about how Vortex Action will blanket your whole room in warmth!


But what about the electricity cost?

Heating your home can get expensive! People often buy heaters that they avoid using because of running costs.

At Vornado, our family of whole room heaters use affordable energy-efficient technology, while our auto-shutoff and timer technology means that you won’t incur costs by heating the room when you don’t want to. So you can use your Vornado whole room metal heater confidently, knowing that you’re in control!

We hope you enjoyed this article about keeping warm in winter with a whole room metal heater, and we’re proud to be keeping people warm and cosy across Australia with our exceptional heaters. Invest in your comfort this winter with technology that gets heating right, with Vornado.

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