Tips for Choosing a Heater

Tips for Choosing a Heater

Choosing a heater is a big decision! With so much jargon and specifications around, it’s not easy to decide on the heater that’s right for your home and your space. So here at Vornado, we’ve compiled a list of tips on what you should be keeping in mind when choosing a heater.


Ever bought a heater that doesn’t actually heat your home – or takes far too long to heat it? Different features and sizes are better suited to different uses; for example, radiant heaters will warm up the space closest to them quickly, but don’t warm the rest of the room. Convection heaters heat the whole room, albeit slowly – and it’s important for the room to be draught-free and well-insulated, so that the heat doesn’t escape.

While the average heaters get very hot in the area nearby, the rest of the room will stay cold. Vornado Whole Room Metal Heaters heat your whole room by using powerful vortex heat circulation, with gently warmed air spiralling around the room and using the walls and ceilings as pathways to create continuous currents of warmth in the room. Want to know more? Here’s a handy explainer!


Heaters can be dangerous, causing burns and other injuries – and even house fires. In fact, according to Kleenheat, over 41,000 potentially faulty gas heaters were recalled in 2015 alone!

As we’ve mentioned, the average heater gets very hot in the area nearby – not great if you’ve got kids or pets around! Our heaters are cool to the touch, and come with advanced safety features including auto-off timer, automatic safety shut-off and tip-over protection. They also incorporate a metal inlet grill to keep dust (and curious fingers!) at bay. Stay cosy, with peace of mind.


This is pretty simple - have a few rooms to heat? Want to lug around a heavy, bulky object on a regular basis? Probably not! The good news is, at only 4.4kg and less than 30cm, our family of whole room heaters are as small and light as they are powerful.

Heaters can get expensive to operate, and it’s not uncommon for consumers to invest in a heater but be reluctant to use it because of running costs. This guide to heating running costs by Sustainability Victoria indicates that running a heater in a medium room can cost up to $953 a year!
Fortunately, our family of whole room heaters use energy-efficient technology that’s better for your pocket (and the planet), and our auto-shutoff technology means that you won’t heat the room when you don’t need to.
And our heaters even come with a five-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in your comfort for the long-term! We expect our products to be perfect, and if they’re not, we’ll make it right.
We hope you enjoyed this article about choosing a heater, and we’re proud to offer a family of exceptional heaters to keep you cosy and warm. Invest in your comfort this winter with technology that gets heating right, with Vornado.
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