Troubleshooting Your Vornado Air Purifier

Troubleshooting Your Vornado Air Purifier

Troubleshooting Your Vornado Air Purifier

Tips & Tricks For Solving Common Issues



As an owner of a Vornado Air Purifier, you’re well versed in all the benefits this device can offer you and your family all year round - in fact, that’s probably why you invested in one in the first place.

But sometimes with a new device, we may come across something we believe is an issue, only to find out that there’s a simple fix to.

To put your worries aside and remove the need to call a support line straight away, we’ve broken down a few common issues you may come across, as well as the solutions for how to deal with these.



Not Powering On

If your unit is not powered on, the first thing to do is check that it’s plugged in and switched on at the wall. This might seem way too simple to mention, but we’ve all had moments where we’ve forgotten to do this at least once before!

Despite being plugged into the wall and turned on, there’s also a chance that the issue could be the power point itself, caused by a blown fuse or fault in your circuit breaker. Test the power point with another device - like your phone via its wall charger - to see if there is power coming through or not. If this is the issue, contact a certified electrician to resolve this.

If this is not the issue and the power point is working, the next step is to check that the front panel of the unit has been installed properly and that the filters have been put back in place correctly. If you’ve recently moved or cleaned the unit, or removed the front panel to replace the filters, the filters or the panel may not have been clipped back in properly.

Vornado Air Purifiers have an automatic safety shut-off feature to prevent the unit from powering up if the panel is not in place. Check that it is, or try removing and reinstalling to see if this fixes the issue: always have the unit unplugged when opening it up for safety reasons.

There are arrows on the filters to help guide you to make sure that they are re-installed correctly. This is particularly crucial in order for the True HEPA filter of the Vornado AC350 Air Purifier to function efficiently and effectively.

If the Air Purifier is plugged in, there’s power from the wall and the front panel & filters are installed correctly, then there may be an issue with your unit. Unplug it completely and get in touch with consumer service for further assistance.


Weak or Slow Airflow

You may also come across an issue where the airflow through the unit seems slower or weaker than usual.

As with the above tip, it’s best to start out with the basics. Check the current airflow setting on the Air Purifier - it may be set to the lowest, and simply needs to be turned up.

Also check that there is nothing obstructing the airflow of the unit. Your Vornado Air Purifier achieves whole-room circulation through vortex action, meaning it bounces the airflow off of the walls and ceiling of the room and back through, creating a continuous cycle of clean, filtered air. If your unit is placed in a spot where this cycle can be broken (such as open doors and windows) or blocked (something in front of the unit) then this will affect the overall airflow performance.

Another reason for a weak airflow is that the filters may be clogged up, and are in need of being replaced - especially if this hasn’t been done in a while. We’ve written an article about changing the filters in your Vornado Air Purifier, including how often this should be done.

If your filters have been recently replaced (or if they don’t appear to be blocked) and there’s nothing obstructing the unit, then it’s best to call customer service for further guidance.



The above troubleshooting tips will allow you to resolve the most common issues that you may experience throughout the course of you using your Vornado Air Purifier.

But if you’re unable to resolve these issues, it’s best to unplug your unit from the wall and don’t try and use it again until you’ve contacted the support team for further help.

You can get in touch with them by emailing or by calling 1800 008 336.

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