Why An Air Circulator Is A Must-Have This Summer

Why An Air Circulator Is A Must-Have This Summer

There’s so many things to love about an Aussie summer - the warm sunny days, the beach visits and BBQs, the holiday break, and all the fun, food and events that come with the sun.

And then summer hits, and we realise: actually, it’s pretty stinking hot and I’m over it already.

It’s about this time when most people head to the shops for the cheapest fan available, or crank the reverse cycle up to the highest power setting and the lowest temperature. Basically your mission becomes turning your home into an esky as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately those cheap fans don’t always do a great job (and are often super loud), and having the air conditioning running non-stop for 2-3 months isn’t great for your bank account.

If you’re looking for a high quality, efficient and energy-saving option, then you should be looking at getting an Air Circulator.


Beat The Heat

Obviously the most important aspect of an Air Circulator is that it keeps you cool. Our Aussie summers (and the climate in general) are getting warmer each year, with the 40 degree Celsius temperature threshold being hit more often and more consistently.

On top of that, spending more time indoors is the new normal that’s here to stay for some time. Many  Aussies are switching their force on turning their homes into an all-year round comfort zone with everything someone could need - whether that’s working from home, building a home gym, or setting up an entertainment area for gaming and content consumption.

With this being the case, it’s a good opportunity to invest in an Air Circulator that’s designed to keep you cool and comfortable all year round no matter what you’re doing, and no matter what room you’re spending the most time in.


Cool Runnings

Another key benefit of an Air Circulator is that it’s much more energy efficient than a standard fan or the reverse cycle unit hanging on your wall.

Vornado Air Circulators use Whole Room Vortex Circulation Technology: this means each unit is able to create a continuous cycle of air through the room, bouncing the air stream off walls and ceilings, and then cycling this air back through and out the unit.

This ‘Vortex Action’ means that each Vornado Air Circulator is much more energy efficient than competitor products, like air conditioners and fans that need to output more energy to keep blowing out air non-stop, without the ability to slow down and leverage the existing air flow in the room.

On days with more extreme weather, Vornado Air Circulators can be used in conjunction with your home cooling system by circulating the cooler air continuously throughout the entire room, or by using the power of vortex action to channel the cool air to different areas of the home, so that your cooling systems don’t have to work as hard.

Being so energy efficient means that a Vornado Air Circulator will help you lower your power bills and save you money in the long run - making it an investment for your home, not just a seasonal appliance.



Really hot Aussie summers are going to be the new norm going forward.

If you’re looking to invest in transforming your home into an all-year round comfort zone, then a Vornado Air Circulator is the perfect solution for almost every room.

Check out the entire range here, and beat the heat this summer with Vornado.

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