Why Choose a Vornado Heater this Winter

Why Choose a Vornado Heater this Winter

Ready or not winter is here and with the cold weather comes the ugg boots, puffer jackets, scarves and–of course–heaters. Despite what you may think, not all heaters are the same. In fact, not all heaters even heat the same!

The Vornado Heater is designed from the ground up to operate better in just about every way. But you don’t have to take our word for it. In this article, we’ll outline exactly why you should choose a Vornado Heater this chilly season.


Reasons to Choose a Vornado Heater this Winter

Vortex Operation

The Vornado Heater operates in a unique way: through vortex action. This isn’t just an industry buzzword, mind you. By vortex operation we mean that the heat emanating from our heaters is produced in a powerful yet gentle spiralling configuration. Why does this make a difference to you? Unlike cheap heaters that overwork without actually warming the room, the circular vortex heat circulation of our machine allows the warm air to ‘bounce’ off of the walls and ceilings. Thus the warm currents created by the vortex action will keep you and your home snug and cosy.


More Efficiency

The Vornado Heater is more efficient than other heaters. Period. In less time, the room of your choosing can reach a comfortable ambient temperature. How do we know this? Thanks to this same Vortex technology, the heat from our unit is pushed outwards with powerful circulating force. As you know, hot air rises. This means most heaters lose much of their potency as the warmed up air merely rises upwards and nicely warms up the uppermost layers of the house but leaves where you’re actually sitting cold and untouched. The Vornado Heater is more efficient by ensuring the heat moves outwards, allowing it to cover the whole room and circulate off the walls.


Cheaper to Run

Vornado Heaters are more economically efficient compared to other heaters. While reverse cycle air conditioning can be costly to run, especially because they operate throughout the home instead of being localised to the one room you’re in and need warm, a Vornado Heater’s recirculated heat helps to save on energy usage and thus, potentially, your electricity bill. Designed to help ensure a gentle warmth in any moderately-sized room of the house, a Vornado Heater provides all the heat you need and none of the wasted energy you don’t.


Healthier Option

Unlike gas heaters and even some other electric heaters, the Vornado Heater is completely safe for the whole family. We’ve gone above and beyond to incorporate numerous safety features in our device to ensure that you can enjoy beautiful warmth throughout winter without worrying about the wellbeing of your loved ones.


Tight Grill

Children and pets tend to be curious, so our heaters are designed to ensure their safety at all times. The tight grill on the Vornado VMH Series Heaters means that no wayward little fingers or furry paws can access the internal heating element.


Anti-Tip Shut-Off

Heaters represent a significant risk factor in a home, or at least other heaters do. Whether you’re concerned that a child (or pet) will accidentally tip the Vornado Heater over or throw a shirt or towel absentmindedly onto the heater itself, you don’t have to worry! We’ve put in an in-built auto shut off safety feature. If the unit gets knocked over or covered by anything that could create a fire hazard, the heater will automatically turn off!


Cool Metal Coating

Have you ever brushed past a heater accidentally and found that it’s not just the air around it that gets hot? Many commercially available heaters feature a coating or grill that can be dangerously hot to the touch. The Vornado Heater, by comparison, has a unique metal coating that is always cool. Whether the heater is in operation or not, you can rest assured there won’t be any unfortunate burns or accidents.


Works with Air Purifiers

There’s no need to resign yourself to a stuffy house for the sake of a bit of warmth! Our heaters work perfectly in tandem with the Vornado Air Purifier. When used together, you can enjoy both a warm, ambient temperature as well as filtered, clean and fresh air. In fact, if you want to find out more about how air purifiers and heaters can work hand in hand, make sure to read our guide on air purifiers in the winter here.


User Friendly

We’ve thought about it all! From the aesthetically pleasing design to the ergonomic and intuitive control dials/LED control, there’s a lot more to love about our heaters than just their heating ability. Plus, with a discreet cord storage feature, even when you’re not using the Vornado Heater you’ll still benefit from the convenience and efficiency of this fantastic unit.


Check Out Our Heaters Today

The Vornado VMH300 and VMH350 make up our little family of industry-leading heaters. Whether you prefer a more traditional dial-centric unit (the VMH300) or a remote control-enabled LED screen (VMH350) both of our machines offer efficient, effective and economical heating for just about any room in your home. To find out more about our heaters, check out our collection today.


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