Air Purifiers


Air Purifier.

Breathe Easy All Year Long.

Vortex Action.

Vornado's Air Purifiers are powered by Vortex Action and precision engineering.

Whole Room Air Filtration.

Turn your entire room into a clean, comfortable living zone.

Dual Filters.

Experience a powerful filtration system with both True HEPA and Carbon filters.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Want to breathe easy this year? 

Vornado's powerful Air Purifiers filter out unwanted dust and pollen particles, so you don't breathe them in. 

Keep the air in your home clean and fresh all year round with Vornado.

Powerful Filtration

Vornado's Air Purifiers feature a powerful level of filtration with a True HEPA and Carbon dual filter system.

These work together to capture 99.97% of unwanted particles down to 0.03 microns such as pollen, dust, mould, smoke and more before you breathe them in. 

Breathe easy this year with a Vornado Air Purifier.

Year Round Comfort

Air Purifiers aren't just for allergy season. 

With a renewed focus on health, safety and hygiene this season, it's more important than ever to ensure the air you and your family breathe is as clean as possible.

Invest in a Vornado Air Purifier today, and breathe easy all year round.


Style Meets Comfort

Vornado’s Air Purifiers have a sleek and modern design, meaning you won't want to hide it in the corner like other appliances.

Add an extra level of style to your home today with Vornado.

5 year replacement warranty

Vornado Australia maintains its reputation for forward-thinking products and above-and-beyond customer service. 

Swift Delivery

Orders will be delivered within 7-10 business days of receiving the order.  Vornado Australia ships goods Australia wide.