Our Tips for finding the best spot for your Air Purifier

Our Tips for finding the best spot for your Air Purifier

The Best Spot For Your Air Purifier


When it comes to keeping you and your family as healthy as possible in your home, a high quality and effective Air Purifier is simply a must.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of how important air quality is in general with climate change and air pollution being an ever-present global issue. But few of us stop to consider just how important it is to ensure the air inside your home is of high quality as well.

That’s where the air purifier comes in.


What exactly is an air purifier? 

Air Purifiers, like those sold right here at Vornado, are compact, specially designed and engineered machines that ensure the air that is distributed throughout any given room is purified, filtered and perfectly safe to breathe.


How do Vornado Air Purifiers work?

The Vornado AC350 Air Purifier incorporates a True HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorbing) filter in its filtration system and utilises Vortex Action Technology to effectively bounce the airflow of filtered air off surfaces in the room for a continuous cycle of filtered air.

This is the most effective form of filtration and removes up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants & allergens. Without robust circulation generated Vortex Action, the Air Purifier would simply be filtering the air right in front of it. This, of course, would be useful if you spent your entire day sitting in front of the unit, but as most of us do not do this, it doesn’t quite do the trick.


What do we mean by “airborne pollutants”?

The term airborne pollutants refers to any particles or allergens that circulate through the air of a given space and, thus, can be breathed in. From dust and pollen to bacteria, mould spores, dust mites and even smoke, there are a wide range of pollutants in the air we breathe. Some of these particles can simply be irritating while others can be actively harmful to one’s health. Either way, an Air Purifier can help filter the pollutants from the air.


What does the True HEPA filter do?

While airborne pollutants and particles are small, they are still of a certain size. With the True HEPA filter, the Vornado AC350 Air Purifier can catch any particles down 0.3 microns in size, preventing them from passing through and continuing to pollute your air. Most pollutants you’d be concerned about, such as dust mite waste, pollen grains and even cat allergen particles are around 20-30 microns in size, so the 0.3-capacity filter will certainly ensure clean, fresh air for you and your loved ones to breathe in.


Why is placement of an Air Purifier important?

As you may have no doubt guessed by this point in the article, while using a Vornado Air Purifier in any room will surely improve the overall air quality, there are certainly more optimal spots to place the unit to maximise effectiveness.

To help you ensure your Air Purifier works to the best of its ability, we’ve put together a few simple tips for finding the best spot for your Air Purifier.


Tips for finding the best spot for your Air Purifier


Size does matter

The size of the room in question does matter. Again, while our effective Air Purifiers are helpful in many indoor spaces, there’s always going to be a difference between the effects of one unit in a bedroom compared to a conference hall.

For the maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you put your Vornado AC350 Air Purifier in rooms of up to 20 square metres, such as a bedroom, study or closed lounge room. If your room is significantly larger than this, it will take longer for a single Air Purifier unit to filter the air in the room meaning it will not work as effectively or as efficiently. For larger rooms, maybe consider more than one unit.


Closed spaces work best

Air Purifiers, by their very nature, work best when used in closed spaces. If you’re hoping to use a small unit for a large open space where doors and/or windows are being opened (or even worse, left open) frequently you may find the air not being quite as pure and circulated as you would have hoped.


Use them where you need them

It’s no coincidence, if we may say so ourselves, that Air Purifiers are designed precisely for the spaces in which they are most needed. Whether you’re finding your living room a little stuffy, your bedroom somewhat musty, or your small office space or study a little stale, your Air Purifier will work wonders in these smaller rooms of the house.

As mentioned above, the air purifier doesn’t just filter the air; it also promotes air circulation. This means that when you use it in a room of your house in which you spend a significant and/or prolonged period of time, you’ll notice quite the difference in air quality, comfort and breathability.


Make sure it is accessible

To ensure your air purifier is performing as well as it can (and should) you will need to be on top of some basic maintenance, cleaning and filter replacement. Placing your Air Purifier in a spot that’s difficult to access or easy to forget about is a recipe for air quality disaster.

Apart from the fact that Air Purifiers that are shoved away in corners and blocked by other items aren’t going to work as well as they should anyway, out of sight is out of mind… and not in a good way.


Debunk your Air Purifier myths

Air Purifiers are essential items for the home or office, but sometimes prevalent myths around Air Purifiers and how they work can prevent you from getting the most from your machine. Before you go about searching for the perfect spot for your new Vornado purchase, make sure to read our handy blog on debunking the myths of an Air Purifier


Need a hand clearing the air?

If you have any more questions about any and all things air purifiers, or you simply want to discover more about what our range of Vornado home comfort appliances can do for you, feel free to get in touch with our team or check out our blogs and articles today.

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