Year Round Comfort With Vornado

Year Round Comfort With Vornado

Year Round Comfort With Vornado

Indoor comfort, every day of the year.



Comfort, style and health are important. We are increasingly spending most of our time indoors, so it’s our mission to make your home as comfortable as possible throughout the entire year.

With a combination of innovative technology and stylish design, our Air Purifiers, Air Circulators and Heaters deliver excellence and comfort all year long, uplifting your home and your family’s well-being.


Vornado Air Purifiers

Vornado Air Purifiers are the perfect solution for keeping your home full of clean, fresh air throughout the entire year.

These units remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, mould spores, dust mites and even odours, so you can be sure the air you’re breathing is as clean as possible.

To achieve this, Vornado Air Purifiers use Vornado’s signature Vortex Action to bounce filtered air off walls and ceiling surfaces, creating a continuous cycle of clean air.

For an air cleaner to be deemed a Air Purifier, it must clean two thirds of a space more than four times per hour. So while a Vornado AC350 Air Purifier will clean a 110 square metre room once per hour, it is recommended to be used in a room about 20 square metres in size. The smaller the room, the more often the air is circulated through the unit - for example, a 9 sqm room achieves 10.8 air changes per hour, whereas by comparison an 18 sqm room achieves 5.5 per hour.

Of course, the air needs to be cleaned as it passes through the unit - with a powerful dual filtration system, Vornado Air Purifiers include both  True HEPA and activated carbon filters to effectively trap any of the above mentioned pollutants and odours in the air. You can learn more about these filters (and how often they should be changed) here.


Vornado Air Circulators

As Air Comfort Professionals, Vornado Air Circulators are designed with room size in mind. Our smallest Air Circulator, the Vornado 460 quietly circulates air in a 21.5 sqm space. For larger spaces, the powerful Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator circulates air efficiently in a space up to 30.5 sqm in size.

Many people think air circulators are just for cooling, but our stylish and modern circulators are the perfect energy saving option for year long comfort.

A misconception about air circulators is that they are comparable to fans. A fan simply assists in attempting to move air in a space. The oscillating motion means you only feel the effects for a few moments before its gone again. A Vornado Air Circulator is different. The Air Circulator generates a powerful airflow called Vortex Action that can be felt anywhere in the room, replacing  the need for oscillation. The deep pitched blades funnel air through the inlet grill and into the room which (through the power of whole room circulation) regulates the room temperature, creating comfort anywhere in the room.

This process means each Air Circulator can move around cool air in summer, warm air in winter and fresh air in spring & autumn - making it the perfect companion for every home, every day of the year.

Explore our complete range of Vornado Air Circulators - with a range of size and colour options to choose from, you’ll find one that’s perfect for your home and comfort needs.


Vornado Heaters

When the cold Winter weather starts rolling in (and even for those cold Spring & Autumn nights), nothing beats the warmth of a good heater.

Vornado Heaters use the same Vortex Action as the Air purifiers and Air Circulators, enabling a constant, uninterrupted flow of warm air throughout your room. As heat rises to the top of the room, this process means that trapped warm air can be incorporated throughout the room, rather than sitting there unused and out of reach.

When it comes to heaters, safety is top of mind. Vornado Whole Room Heaters have a cool-touch, all-metal surface - meaning you don’t need to worry about your kids or your pets as you move throughout your home.

With their stylish designs, dual heat settings and the above mentioned features, Vornado  Heaters are the perfect option for heating almost any room in your home. Check out our range here.

NOTE: Vornado Heaters are not intended for use in bathrooms or similar wet environments.



Vornado Air Purifiers, Air Circulators and Heaters are all designed with your comfort in mind.

As we’re spending more time at home these days, comfort is becoming increasingly important - whether it’s staying cosy on the couch during winter, having a stream of cool air on those hot summer nights or simply having fresh air to breathe all year long.

Whatever your home and lifestyle needs, Vornado has you covered.

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