How To Improve Room Ventilation With Vornado

How To Improve Room Ventilation With Vornado

How To Improve Room Ventilation With Vornado

How good is the airflow in your home?


When it comes to our homes, having a good flow of air throughout each room is essential for maximum comfort.

But it’s not just about staying comfortable - the effects of poor ventilation and poor air quality can range from being mildly irritating to being quite bad for your health (and that of your family’s too). 

To that end, we’ve put together this article identifying the risks of poor ventilation throughout your home, and what you can do to improve it.


Risks of Poor Ventilation

Over the last 2 years, the discussion around home and workplace airflow has naturally increased, but the risks related to poor ventilation are certainly not new, and continue to be a factor contributing to our overall health.

Enclosed spaces with poor airflow allows airborne pollutants (such as allergens, mould, bacteria, germs, odours and dust) to build up quicker, and stick around for longer. If you spend an extended period of time in any small & enclosed area (eg. home office, living room, small apartment, etc) then you’ve probably already aware of the stagnant or stuffy air that goes hand in hand with poor room ventilation.

The harmful effects of stagnant & stuffy air are exacerbated further are when there are other factors that may increase the humidity of the room - such as the heat from cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or the warmth of the afternoon sun heating up the house. These negative effects can also be felt in the cooler months as you’re much more inclined to have the house shut up as tight as possible to trap heat in & lock cool air out, which severely restricts airflow resulting in poor ventilation.

Poor ventilation can easily lead to discomfort in the home, but if you’re someone who suffers from allergies, it can be a serious risk to your health. To improve your space’s ventilation and reduce the effects of stagnant air, you must improve the room’s airflow.


How To Improve Your Airflow

Open Up Window & Doors

If you’re looking to improve the airflow in a room, the first idea that probably comes to mind is simply to throw open the doors and windows. Airing rooms in this way frequently improves the air quality in a space by allowing fresh air to enter the room and stagnant air to leave.

On a nice breezy day or night this can help. However, in the middle of summer and winter, this may not be an option as the extreme temperatures of these seasons can make this an uncomfortable experience. In some weeks of spring and autumn, leaving the doors and windows can be problematic for those with asthma, hay fever or other allergies.  


Use a Vornado Air Circulator

Vornado Air Circulators are a much more reliable method of improving the airflow of a room, all year long, no matter the weather outside. 

Rather than simply outputting air like traditional fans or reverse-cycle units, air circulators create a single, continuous airflow and then circulate this air through the unit and out again. They do this by bouncing the air off of walls and ceilings (aka: Vortex Action Technology) and back through the unit. 

When the weather is good, a Vornado can be placed in front of an open door or window to circulate fresh outdoor air inside. When the weather isn’t good enough to want to bring it indoors, a Vornado Air Circulator keeps the air moving in a space which reduces the effects of stagnant air in a space. 

Combine airflow improvement strategies for maximum results

Not only can your Vornado be used to circulate fresh air inside, but your Vornado can support your current home systems too. Air circulation provided by a Vornado Air Circulator can work in conjunction with your home cooling or heating systems to make them work more efficiently. 

For example, by positioning a Vornado Air Circulator in a room with an active air conditioning system, the Vornado circulates the cool air from the aircon around the room faster than if you were to rely on your air con system alone. This is due to the Air Circulator’s deeply pitched blades and Vortex Action Technology. A a result, your air conditioning system doesn’t need to work as hard to cool down the room and you get to feel the cooling effects in your space sooner. 

The added benefit of this process is that it ends up saving you money in the long run. Without needing to constantly and exclusively output air like a home system, Vornado Air Circulators save energy due to its ability to recycle the current airflow - less energy used means a bit of money off your power bill. 



If you’re interested in improving the airflow in your home, then explore Vornado’s full range of Air Circulators. Their stylish black and white designs fit right into any modern home, and there’s a range of shapes and sizes to meet your particular needs. 

However, if modern design isn't your style, keep an eye out for the Vornado VFan launching Summer 2023.

Looking to take room ventilation even further? Vornado Air Purifiers offer a powerful dual filtration process to ensure whole air filtration.

Whatever your needs are, take the comfort - and style - of your home to the next level, with Vornado.


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